About Us

Keyofislam.com is an initiative to share the enlightening knowledge of islam with the  whole world. KeyOfIslam.com is based on West Bengal, India.We provide information in multi-mediums. Mediums of our posts are Bengali, Urdu, English and Arabic. Though in this virtual era information are available on our fingertips we must ensure the authenticity of those information. All the information we provide is authentic which anyone can verify by the references we provide. All the articles, books and videos are provided by very knowledgeable scholars of Islam.  We have a team behind who is working very hard to take this website to a next level. Our team is led by Mufti Amjad Husain Simnani, who is the Founder and main information provider of KefOfIslam.com

About Mufti Amjad Husain Simnani :- Mufti Amjad Simnani is one of the renounced scholar of islam, an eloquent speaker and a good writer. He is multilingual speaker, having the capability to  deliver speech in Bengali, Urdu and English. He wrote many important books on critical topics which is the need of the hour to protect OUR IMAN from hypocrisies of hypocrites. All his written books are available in this website and all upcoming books will be uploaded in this site too. So, stay connected with us to get those books and other articles.

Our special thanks is always with tech professional Maulana Roushan Ali, who is the main tech supporter of KeyOfIslam.com